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Educational Advocacy

If you are considering hiring an educational advocate, fees are always an important aspect. At Portia K. Phillips Ed., I have developed multiple levels of support to fit in your budget. I pride myself on transparency, so I want you to have a clear understanding of what you can expect from me.

Great News! No Retainer Required


$125.00 per hour includes:

  • Review of your last signed IEP or 504 plan

  •  Assessment of your current concerns

  • Perform a classroom observation (if requested)

  •  Make contact with the school (if needed)

  • Comprehensive list of suggestions to discuss at the IEP or 504 meeting

  • Attend the IEP meeting with you

  • Post IEP/ 504 meeting consultation.


$75.00 per hour provides:

Advocate and Parent only coaching

  •  Preparation for IEP or 504 meetings

  • Discuss your questions/concerns to address during the IEP or 504 meeting

  •  Post IEP or 504 meeting to recap the proposed IEP or 504 before consenting

  •  Parental education regarding understanding the IEP or 504 process or special education referral process

  • Review of school or private assessments/evaluations

  • Any other support needed from advocate outside of attending the IEP or 504 meetings.

$75.00 per hour provides:

Coaching the Educator or campus staff

I have encountered some schools who have good intentions, but have difficulty implementing the students IEP or 504 document. Within the coaching hour teachers can:

  • Share questions about the IEP or 504 plan

  •  Discuss instructional questions

  • Educational material suggestions

  •  Student learning goals, goal implementation, and goal writing

  • IEP or 504 accommodations

  • Understanding student data, and data gathering

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Who Am I?

As a person with a very close connection learning impairments through family members, student-centered approach with advocacy is vital in supporting families as they try understanding the confusing and emotional world of IEPs or 504 plans. Saying parent education is a passion is an understatement.  Total confidence in their ability to be active contributing members of their child’s team. A healthy relationship between parents and school is imperative for the student to thrive. I do believe that all students have a right to a free and appropriate education, as well as enjoy school as much as any other student regardless of their disability. I have gone through the 504 and special education process as a parent, and as an educator. I understand the challenges faced on both sides of the isle and armed with this knowledge and experience there is a fundamental difference in the way I approach each situation as a result. With  13 years of education experience, being the aunt of nieces and nephews with both Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Speech Impairments, and the mother of a daughter with ADHD, I rarely encounter unfamiliar situations.


I believe in child centered solutions and offer parents a range of services related to advocacy and representation. I work to help parents, resolve disputes with the school district collaboratively, and I empower parents through knowledge of special education to become fierce advocates for their child.


  • Comprehensive review of educational records

  • Attend 504 and IEP meetings

  • Provide classroom observations

  • Draft letters and written request to school staff and teachers

  • Review private and/or school Evaluation/Assessment Reports (this can be a standalone service

  • Review and propose goals, review supportive evidence/data and materials in preparation for IEP or 504 meetings

  • Provide recommendations for community resources

  • Assist with generating a list of attorneys if needed



  • The University of North Texas-B.A.A.S Human Services and Rehabilitation Counseling

  • Concordia University of Austin: M.ED Advanced Literacy

  • (Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd grade Teacher) Dallas ISD

  • (3rd, 4th Gen-Ed, K-5 Resource Teacher) Cypress Fairbanks ISD

  • Special Education Chairperson-Harmony Public Schools

  • Special Education Program Specialist-Ard/IEP Compliance


" I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect."

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