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Seriously Tooth Fairy, Be Honest


January 31, 2022

By Portia K. Phillips

Seriously Tooth Fairy, Be Honest

Why does the Tooth Fairy pay for teeth, and where does she get the money? Read to find out if this very inquisitive little girl gets the answers to all of her questions as she puts her family and the Tooth Fairy to the question. See how the development of "Wh" questioning encourages our kids to think, drives them to clear ideas, stirs their imaginations, and teaches kids to make connections to the text.

Girl Problems: It's a Hairy Situation

(Volume 1) Paperback / Ebook 

April 2, 2018

by Portia K. Phillips 

Girl Problems “ It's A Hairy Situation”

Every girl can relate to this completely open and freeing tantrum that a girl shares of her never-ending feud with her hair in this delightful book. The author takes us through the layers of hate, love, to total desperation as we follow her on a journey through her unpredictable yet relatable relationship with her hair and herself.

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