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5 Ways to Tell if You Have Co-dependent Tendencies

"Co-Dependent" Simplistic Definition:

A person who prioritizes the needs, wants, or desires over the needs of their own, and derives self worth from compulsively sacrificing for or helping others.

Think this may be you? Ask yourself:

1) Do you have trouble saying "No" to friends, partners, or family?

2) Do you multi-task to the point where nothing gets done well?

3) Do you feel like your loved ones would go downhill without your support?

4) Do you ignore your true feelings to avoid arguments with partners, friends, or family?

5) Do you privately worry about how you will be perceived?

Family Matters

It's important to reflect and take stock of just how much input you have in the lives of your family and vice versa.

Co-dependency is rooted in childhood, and often those behaviors first manifest themselves with your immediate family.

  • Take time for deep reflection

  • Write down or discuss events from your past

  • Monitor the amount of time spent solving their problems

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