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Break the Monotony (A short rant)



lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.

In a time where we stream information, music, data, and entertainment from all corners of the world, it is perplexing that there is such a sameness. Individuality is a concept that seems unattainable due to everyone’s need to look like, be like, or act like someone else. You are the individual and if you want or desire to be someone other than you, how can the world benefit from the gifts you were born to bring? I am not naïve and unable to understand that there is a such thing as scope of influence, but someone’s or something’s ability to impact you is very different than changing you at your core. I wonder how many people out there would like to go back just a little bit, to a time when you could pick a person out of a crowd because people looked and dressed differently. There is nothing wrong with being trendy, but you should not be concerned about someone having on the same outfit you have every time you leave the house. Women and men were not designed to be cookie cutter, and it is my personal belief that one cannot be truly happy if they are living their lives as someone else. Waking up and taking on the day just as you are is perfectly acceptable.

The same goes for career choice, and interests. According to social media, T.V., and music, all people should be starting a company, selling something, have 6 side hustles, and creating their own lane to thrive in. There are perfectly good careers, and companies, to work for and that is okay. Under no circumstances should a person feel that they are less than because they do not live under the illusion that everyone can be an entrepreneur. Not every person has the skill set required to develop and successfully grow a business. Furthermore, it is perfectly okay to work only one job and spend your free time with your children, friends, or on your hobbies. People have to change this narrative that if you are not constantly busy you are unsuccessful and doomed to poverty. If you spend all your days grinding, when will you enjoy your life? When will you have the enjoyment of meeting, conversing, and just enjoying the company of someone new, without thinking of what they can offer you as a business connection? When will you date a person and get to know who they are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, without determining if they have a diverse portfolio?

Gone are the days when you could just be an all around good and decent person. You were not required to put on a show, be 24 hour sexy, own a business, sell a product, or be a jack of all trades to be considered an acceptable dinner guest or just datable. Being all around overdone, over the top, and over booked, is a constant reel on IG, the internet in general, and now just in daily life. I want a break in the monotony. I want to meet, enjoy, and experience normal people again.

Just a little rant, and if you disagree that's okay too.

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