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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I, like so many others am a serial procrastinator. " I do my best work under pressure." is one of my favorite lines. After some careful self reflection, I had to ask myself "Why do I continuously set myself up for failure?" Yes, I generally meet the deadlines, but the level of stress I put myself under is counter productive. Cortisol is a stress hormone and when you are constantly under stress it negatively impacts the body's natural functions for example headaches, sleep impairment, energy, weight gain, memory and concentration, and increased anxiety. What I did not realize was that if I put off those important tasks until the last minute, scramble to complete the task, and flood my system with cortisol I would be unproductive in all other aspects of my life due to the effects of stress on the body.

This new understanding brought me to this fact: Many of my passion projects have gotten lost, been dimmed, or put in a corner in great part to my lack of time, focus, attention, and discipline. Bottom line, I must complete my projects! It is my goal to complete the books that live in my mind and heart. Ask yourself, what is something that seems so simple, or minor that you have left undone? Perhaps it's an important conversation you left unfinished, that DIY project still sitting on your porch, or the room upstairs that you never finished painting.

Feel free to share something you left undone, but will finish and we will all shout FINITO!

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